Wednesday Prompt Smash: Five Step Plan

A/N: Went a little over word count today, but that’s ok once in a while. Be sure to check out Tim’s work.

Prompt: Five Step Plan

Word Limit: 100 words

This was meant to be an easy job, get in and get out.

  1. Disable alarm- I was going to use an EMP and just shut down all the interior electronics but my tech guy said his way would be easier. Of course, there’s a security protocol to trigger the alarm at first signs of hacking into the system.
  2. Open the doors- no sweat, whilst trying to disable the alarm my tech guy did this.
  3. Crack the vault- It was meant to be a standard issue vault, not one of these fancy new-fangled ones.
  4. Take the money- would have been easy if I could figure out how to get into the vault.
  5. Get out- I can hear the sirens, but of course, as I exit the doors I see my tech guy peel away in my van.

Word Count: 141 words


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