Wednesday Prompt Smash: Storms brewin

A/N: Little longer than I was expecting it to be, I hope you all like it. And don’t forget to check out Tim’s writing.

Prompt: Storms brewin

Word Limit: 200 words

There was a cacophonous noise from the laboratory, and from outside a sudden flash of light could be seen through the windows. A little later a stream of curses could be heard from within.

It was Tommy’s first day as a lab assistant and the loud noises from within made him anxious, his hand hovered above the door knob, uncertain if he should go in. His eyes gazed at the sign plastered on the door ‘storms brewin’, the handwriting was rather crude and the sign had been plastered over the small window in the door.

There was another procession of curse words from inside the lab, followed by a rumbling boom sound. Tommy gulped, it was now or never, his hand trembled as it grasped the door knob and turned it.

Inside was chaos, there were several large vats which seemed to be bubbling over and there was a large puddle of water just past the door. Looking up there was large cloud like entities clinging to the ceiling and some of them were… causing rain?

As a stream of swear erupted from one corner of the room, Tommy’s eyes caught sight of a dishevelled man in a lab coat trying to wrestle one of these… clouds. With barely a second thought, Tommy turned around and exited the lab, swiftly closing the door behind him- this was not what he was expecting.

Word Count: 232 words


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