Wednesday Prompt Smash: Ho Ho Ho…

A/N: This might be a little depressing/dark to read, it’s definitely not jolly. If you’ve got time check out Tim’s writing.

Prompt: “Ho Ho Ho, Why won’t God let me die?”

Word Limit: 200 words

Nicholas S. Claus was not a happy man, most people who have lost everything aren’t. It was around his 70th birthday that he stopped ageing, at first it had seemed like a gift but then his dear wife Cynthia had passed away. With the passing of his wife he was a little less whole, but still, there were his children and grandchildren.

The problem with not ageing was that everyone else was still ageing, so as time went on he watched his sons and daughters grow old and pass away… it continued with his grandchildren and eventually, he felt the pain of his family passing so keenly that he separated himself from them. It was at this time he tried to take his own life.

Usually, a shot to the head or heart would do it, but not for Nick. Each attempt was in vain as it seemed not only had he stopped ageing but he was impervious to harm.

At the bottom of a bottle one night he found himself crying and laughing at his misery.

“Ho, ho, ho… why won’t God let me die?” His eyes were blurred by tears as he stumbled out into the cold winter night.

Word Count: 201 words



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