Wednesday Prompt Smash: Fishing Village

A/N: As per usual check out Tim’s stuff if you’ve got time.

Prompt: Fishing Village

Word Limit: 150 words

The boat swayed left to right on the water while Nina stood upright, focused upon keeping the boat from capsizing. There wasn’t much to do, there wasn’t another village for miles and besides the river, there was just an endless stretch of desert. Truly it was a boring existence.

Nina often found herself slacking off, everyone else was so serious about fishing… about securing their livelihoods. But Nina found it all incredibly dissatisfying. It seemed like the river only had four types of fish in it, and very rarely did anyone catch something other than fish, it was simply all rather predictable.

Balancing the boat while watching the sun set, not knowing if something would startle her and cause her to capsize, at least that held a little unpredictability. Not that it was really any more exciting than the rest of her life. Still, she held out, maybe one day the horizon would bring her excitement.

Word Count: 156 words


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