Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Longest Line

A/N: A little over the word limit today. As per usual check out Tim if you have time.

Prompt: The Longest Line

Word Limit: 200 words

It wasn’t every day that Giuseppe’s Circus performed, though the circus was a main stay of the small city and one of its most popular attractions. However, when the tents opened up and the performers came out it was magnificent. For years Toni Perro had been covering the circus for the local newspaper, he’d seen all the acts time and time again. And as time went by he slowly learnt all the intricacies of the circus, he knew everything about it and as it were his articles became less filled with wonder.

Fewer people were turning up to the shows, Giuseppe was at a loss, what would happen if the circus was no longer profitable? They needed to wow the audience, they needed to wow the reporter Toni Perro. And so it was the tight-rope walker proposed a new idea, they’d set-up the longest line yet and he would walk it, blindfolded.

You could barely make out the other end of the tight-rope that night, it stretched so far out.  There were a dozen safety nets set-up all below the line, the clowns had a giant catching blanket too which they’d carry below, whilst on their unicycles, following the tight-rope walker’s every step.

It was something else, everyone was anxious yet exhilarated as they watched. And then he made it to the other side, he removed the blindfold and clambered down to the ground. Everyone cheered, even Toni Perro.

Word count: 239 words


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