Belated Dog Birthday

So earlier this morning I was checking Molly’s vet papers to see when I need to book her next appointment. While looking it over I remember her birthday is on the forms. Lo and behold yesterday was her 6th birthday. Molly’s the first dog we’ve owned that we’ve had a record of’s birthday so I decided why not give her a little belated birthday treat.

For this belated celebration I decided I’d make some homemade dog treats for her. We’d made some last week that she really liked and I thought why not try another recipe. So I looked up online a list of recipes we’d bookmarked and decided to make the Doggie Breath Mints seeing as we’ve got mint and parsley growing in the garden.

It’s extremely easy to make your own dog treats, and it also means you know exactly what’s going into them.

Most recipes for dog treats only need a few ingredients and you can always stretch the amount they make by adding some extra ingredients.

Last week my brother and I created some using mince and oats which gave us enough dough for 32 round ball treats.

This particular recipe that I used today only made 9 balls (I don’t have a cookie cutter so I find rolling them into balls is easiest).

I really enjoy baking but I’m also pretty lazy so the fact I didn’t need to do heaps of prep work was a plus for these treats, though the mixture was very wet so I found extra baking time necessary.

My dog isn’t exactly fussy but as an added treat I did add some dry, powder chicken stock to the recipe. Once the treats were in the oven I also let Molly lick the bowl, and boy did she love eating the remaining batter.

Doggie Breath mints

Homemade dog treats don’t need to look flashy or anything because dogs aren’t fussy about presentation. They’re also a little better than store bought treats because when you’re in control of making them you can be sure to only put in healthy things for your canine.

I really enjoy being able to bake for my dog, and it makes her happy because when I make treats she gets to watch the cooking knowing the delicious smells are all for her.

Anyway, that’s all from me today, hope everyone’s enjoying their Friday. If you’ve got a furry companion I’d love to hear about them and if you have any homemade treat recipes!





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