Saturday Word of the Day: Gramarye

A/N: For this particular word I decided to revisit one of my favourite characters and settings; for more on Witchbane Academy and Danica be sure to check out the following stories: Galoot, Cackleberry, BoobookAstir and One-Word Inspiration

*Gramarye: Occult learning; magic.

This was the day she had been waiting for, she could feel the excitement bubbling over inside as she stood stock still looking at the gates.

Witchbane Academy the foremost institute for gramarye, lorded as the most prestigious school in twelve realms, and the main attraction of Witches Hollow. She could hardly believe she was here, she’d been accepted for study, all those gods forsaken days of painstakingly studying for exams had paid off in the end. A wicked grin snaked its way onto her face, this was going to be fun.

All she needed to do was waltz up to the gates and brandish her letter of acceptance for them to swing right open. Left foot first she crossed onto the campus’ sacred grounds. For the first time in her life, Danica Molwif was in awe, the shimmering splendour of enchantment was all over the buildings and there was a pungent smell wafting over the quad which could only be a hex brew.

“Finally, I’m here.” Danica whispered to herself as she set off in search of her dorm, for the next few years this would be her home. And when she left she’d be one of the greatest masters of gramarye there ever was.




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