Wednesday Prompt Smash: It all started with letter

Prompt: It all started with a letter.

Word Limit: 180 words

It all started on a dreary Sunday afternoon. The sky had never looked so grey and the wind had never felt so chilly. Yet still, Reginald marched across the marshland to reach the Upton household, firmly gripping his messenger bag.

Marchess Hall, the family home of the Upton’s was rather small as manor houses go so when the pounding sound of fist against oak wood door rang out it was heard by everyone. Lucille, the head maid, was first at the door but the rest of the household was close behind.

“Mr Herts, what can I do for you today?” Lucille batted back the children as she addressed their visitor.

“A letter, for Meredith Upton.” Reginald was short of breath, he wheezed, pulling out the letter from his bag. “I, I’ve been travelling for the past few days to get it here. The sender said it was urgent,”

“Meredith!” Lucille yelled out for the only member of the family not present in the hallway already.

From the depths of the house came Lady Upton, cheeks flushed and face aggravated. Without a word she came to the door and took the letter from Lucille’s hands, immediately her expression darkened.

“Mr Herts, please come in… Lucille, please prepare the special tea for our guest.”

Word Count: 212 words


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