Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Grand Wizard’s Apprentice

Prompt: The Grand Wizard’s Apprentice

Word Limit: 200 words

The academy was in an uproar, students and teachers alike were rushing about trying to prepare for the exam. Testing day was only a few days off and when it came nobody wanted to miss their chance. For the first time in over 200 years, the Grand Wizard would take on an apprentice, chosen based on exam results.

When the announcement had been made and the headmaster had revealed even teaching staff could be taken into consideration, the academy dissolved into chaos. Teachers had cancelled classes so as to prepare themselves, students had raided the library and left the shelves bare. Everyone wanted to succeed, but of the large academy student body and teaching staff, there could only be one chosen.

On the day of the exam, there was no order, the papers were enchanted and sent out to everyone. Even the academy headmaster was taking the exam. When the bell tower let out its final chime for the day the papers wrenched themselves free and flew off into the sky, ready for grading by the Grand Wizard.

Results wouldn’t be out for months, so slowly order was resumed, but everyone was waiting to find out who would be the Grand Wizard’s apprentice.

Word Count: 203 words


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