It’s All A Sneak Peek To Me

A/N: So last week I ran a poll over on my Facebook Page, to see what genre people preferred; Fantasy or Gothic Horror. The results were 100% Fantasy (as you can see in the screenshot below), so in honour of that, I decided to reveal this sneak peek of the book I’m currently working on.

Poll Results Fantasy v Gothic Horror

What follows below is the prologue to ‘It’s All Magic To Me’, which I wrote during NaNoWriMo last year. I hope you all enjoy what you read and would love to hear your thoughts, it’s more Magic Realism than straight Fantasy but I loved writing it… However, please bear in mind it is still currently in the editing stages.


“Ugh!” A fireball whizzes overhead as I quickly duck down. Up above the Dragon seems less than impressed at my reflexes.

*Fwoom!* Yet another fireball, this is getting old. As the flaming ball hurtles towards me I throw up my right hand, no more playing around. The fire glances off my palm and fizzles out, I can’t help the grin that pulls onto my face.

“Alright, you oversized lizard, let’s get this over with!” It hasn’t moved since it took to the skies, just hovered in place and thrown fire at me- probably because it thinks it’s out of my reach.

‘Please work!’ I can’t help but think as I push off the ground, ‘Light as a feather, light as a feather.’ Chanting inside your head is meant to help focus a spell, but magic is a fickle thing and I’ve got the bruises to prove it.

Careening towards the dragon it isn’t all that surprising when my plan spectacularly goes off course.

The Dragon’s snake-like body gracefully twists out of my path and while my magic might be holding me up for the moment, it isn’t exactly manoeuvrable.

‘Should have painted some of my fingernails white, then I could try winging it.’ There are few things quite as unsavoury as realising something after the time to implement it is over, and the midst of battle is so not the place for thinking… so it’s hardly surprising that stuck in my stupor the Dragon’s tail comes lashing at me.

No time to dodge.

“Oof.” I can feel the wind knocked out of me, but I’m also not about to risk getting clawed to shreds.

Roll, duck and dive for cover, easy… if I was some kind of gymnast! That Dragon’s had hundreds of years to learn how to move with grace, I’ve had twenty odd years to learn how to walk with some semblance of grace and not even a full year to learn how to not only control my magic but train my body to endure the catastrophes that come with magic. So, rather than the intended roll, duck and dive, I scamper, duck and fall.

“Owww!” That’s definitely going to bruise and my ankle is at least sprained, why did I let that crazy cat talk me into all of this?



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