Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Crisis Device

Prompt: The Crisis Device

Word Limit: 150 Words

This was not something she should be getting upset over, it wasn’t some terrible bad thing… And yet at the same time, it was a catalyst. Monica knew she shouldn’t be crying, that it was irrational, but still she couldn’t help it. One by one tears dribbled down her cheeks.

‘Silly,’ she bit down on her lip as her vision blurred ‘this is so silly, it’s just a little bit of criticism.’ Chastising herself didn’t stop the tears though. ‘You are so silly, Monica. Really it’s feedback, not some crisis device that will end the world.’

Try as she might Monica couldn’t calm herself, begrudgingly she dropped the paper to the floor.

‘It’ll just have to wait till morning then!’ As she collapsed into bed with tears still coursing their way across her skin she was more upset with herself then the reply.

Word Count: 143 words



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