Wednesday Prompt Smash: Sunrise

A/N: So this turned out very different from how I thought it would, but I hope you all enjoy it. You can check out Tim’s work here.

Prompt: Sunrise

Word Limit: 200 words

“Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” Effie can’t take her sky off the horizon.

Before her very eyes, the blanket of night slowly recedes, as tendrils of orange unfurl. Curls of colour wash away the twinkle of stars as golden rays light up the sea.

“It’s breathtaking!”

Deliah would respond if she could but the thick tape covering her mouth makes that hard. She struggles against the tight rope chaffing her wrists, her eyes focused not on the sky but the woman before her.

“You should really soak it in this might be your last.” Effie doesn’t turn to stare at Deliah, content to continue staring at the gorgeous view. “What a magical sight, it really makes me feel alive.”

When Effie does turn she has a hand shading her eyes, a soft smile gracing her features as she reaches for Deliah.

“Perhaps you don’t understand that, being in your predicament.”

Deliah violently swings her face to the side to avoid Effie’s hand. She has no intention of making this easy for the woman.

“Now, now, you really should have enjoyed it while you could.” Effie’s fingernails dig into Deliah’s side, “after all it’s one of the most magical things in this world.”

Word Count: 204 words



7 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt Smash: Sunrise

  1. Hi Sasha! I like this. It’s so tricky to write a decent story with so few words.
    Just a few suggestions though – in the first line “Effie can’t take her sky off the horizon.” I think you mean ‘eye’ not ‘sky’. Secondly, you probably want some punctuation in this line of dialogue “You should really soak it in this might be your last.” (perhaps a dash after ‘in’?)
    Other than that, well done 🙂

    1. Thanks, Justine, I appreciate the notes. I mock these posts up on the day and as you say it can be hard working within a small word limit, considering I do minimal edits on the smaller word count posts unfortunately sometimes things slip through.

      1. Also, I’m curious – where did you get the prompt from? Looks like a fun thing to do – and I don’t post on my own blog nearly as much as I’d like to

      2. I have a friend who I exchange prompts with, Tim. We each come up with unique prompts for each other and it helps encourage us both to frequently practice our writing. There are online lists of prompts and books of prompts you can get as well.

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