Saturday Word of the Day: Gussy

*Gussy: to enhance the attractiveness of in a gimmicky, showy manner.

“Paula, honestly can’t you gussy yourself up a bit?” Marianne fussed over her youngest daughter, whose hair was in a loose mess and dress bore the marks of gardening.

“Mum, stop it. It’s fine, I’m thirteen not eighteen. Nobody is going to be looking at me or dancing with me except for the other kids, so honestly what’s the point?” Paula swatted away her mother’s hands whilst trying to seek shelter behind one of her sisters.

“You have to make a good first impression, Paula.” Cooed her eldest sister, Diane, as she nudged Paula back towards their mother.

“Otherwise you might be twenty-four and still in search of a husband like Diane,” snickered Bella who was waiting by the door.

“Yes, now let’s get you gussied up so as to avoid that shall we!” Marianne’s fingers clamped down on Paula’s shoulders and the battle was lost.

Only a few minutes late the Arvor family entered the ballroom, all three daughters a picture of radiance.



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