Wednesday Prompt Smash: Hell’s Edge

Prompt: The Town of Hell’s Edge

Word Limit: 250 words

Hell’s Edge was a town just like any other. The streets were cobbled and the roads a liquorice black path that vehicles travelled along. Houses varied in sizes and splendour, and little alleyways tended to be ill-lit.

It was a simple ordinary town… except for the gaping mouth of fire that bordered it and the strangely horned and winged citizens that roamed its streets. ‘Nothing to write home about’, that was the phrase etched across the town’s signature postcards.

Not a lot of people made a habit of visiting Hell’s Edge, it was precarious to get to and most who had been had nothing exciting to report of their visit. A simple rural town that was all Hell’s Edge was… that is until The Reckoning.

When The Reckoning struck it became very clear that Hell’s Edge was not an ordinary town, it was most certainly not like everywhere else. The roads melted into hot, swampy black rivers and the cobbled streets erupted with hot steam. Hell’s Edge it became apparent was a literal name.

From the town came cries of agony and screams of terror. Travellers dared not approach the town after The Reckoning as those who got too close were whisked away by the winged citizens, never to be seen again. This simply ordinary town was a pathway to hell and not to be tangled with, all who lived within it had merely been demons in disguise waiting for their time to come.

Word Count: 245 words


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