Wednesday Prompt Smash: Alien Ship

Prompt: Alien ship hidden on Earth

Word Limit: 250 words

There was a crack in Uluru. A great big fissure had appeared in the sandstone overnight and understandably people were upset. Ayers Rock, the great big red centre of the Northern Territory was breaking.

After the instance indigenous leaders flocked to the gigantic rock, trying to figure out what was happening. Days went by and steadily more cracks appeared rupturing the surface, until after a whole year had past Uluru was no more.

But instead of being upset by the loss of a great monument people were flabbergasted. Encased in the sandstone behemoth was a dark red metal vessel. It was huge and absurd, only one word could really describe it — Alien.

Researchers from all over the world flocked to Australia’s Northern Territory, though many would only stay for a few days before retreating to a cooler and less humid climate. Geologists speculated how the ship had come to be encased in sandstone, astronomers wondered what trajectory had brought it to Earth and everyone was curious what lay inside.

It was impossible to open. Thousands of years had probably gone by since it landed (or crashed) on Earth and now it was thoroughly rusted shut. The metal though prone to rust could not be identified and not even diamond blades could cut through it.

If it wasn’t immeasurably heavy it would have been moved, but instead it stayed put. It was Australia’s newest tourist attraction, after all scientists weren’t the only ones interested.

Word count: 244 words



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