Wednesday Prompt Smash: Torchlight

Prompt: Torchlight

Word Limit: 175 words

The tunnels were dark, they snaked all under the city and provide a faster route to any destination. But they weren’t without their perils.
Belladonna’s smuggling ring was hard pressed with the recent crackdown by the city watch. Regular delivery routes were being ambushed and her pockets were starting to run a little too close to empty.
It was a perfect solution. Nobody had set foot in the tunnels for well over a decade, all the rumours of giant rats had seen to that, so the city watch wouldn’t exactly be running patrols down there. All Belladonna’s crew would need is a little torchlight.
Most of the gang didn’t want to go into the tunnels. They were afraid of what was supposedly down there. But Belladonna was no coward, and if she didn’t start moving some of her product then she wouldn’t be in business for much longer. So she took a few grunts and made the first trip herself.
The tunnels were damp, dark and dreary. A soft flicker of torchlight barely illuminated five feet of the darkness, and the din of dripping water seemed to muffle any other noise. They would have been a perfect solution, if not for the glowing red eyes.

Word Count: 205 words


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