Wednesday Prompt Smash: Totally not plagiarised

Prompt: “Totally not plagiarised”

Word Limit: 200 words

“Samuel, this manuscript is simply fascinating. We are so excited to be publishing your debut novel, however did you come up with this fantastic story?”
“Oh you know, it just uh came to me. Yes, it all just came to me in a moment of inspiration. It’s totally not plagiarised or something ridiculous like that, haha.”
“Well, I should hope not! That would put us in a doozy of a legal conundrum,”
“Well it’s not, so there’s no need to worry.”
“Excellent, just excellent. Well, we are looking so forward to meeting you in person on Friday, Samuel. See you then.”

The call ends and at last Samuel releases the breath he’s been holding. He almost blew it then, almost gave it all away. But it’s fine and Linda doesn’t suspect anything.

Word Count: 132 words


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