Wednesday Prompt Smash: Frozen Lake

Prompt: Frozen Lake

Word Limit: 200 words

This was a nightmare, Greta decided. She could feel the cold seeping into her bones but refused to open her eyes, if she could just ignore it for long enough perhaps it would all go away. Even as she tried to shut it all out the soft cracking noise echoed in her ears.

Nathalie was going to laugh at her when she recounted this because what a ridiculous nightmare this was. It was just a nightmare, after all, it had to be. A small whimper escaped Greta’s chilly lips as a much louder crack resounded from around her.

Who was she trying to fool? This wasn’t a nightmare, it was cold harsh reality. Nathalie wasn’t going to laugh because there wouldn’t be any recounting, this was going to be the end.

The wind rustled the trees in the distance and brought the crisps smells of damp leaves. And as a heavy shuddering sigh escaped her lips Greta heard the last ominous crack.

Word Count: 162 words

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