Wednesday Prompt Smash: Death by mermaid

Prompt: Death by mermaid

Word Limit: 200 words

She was so beautiful. Her deep green hair flowing around her as she floated on the surface limply, it was simply entrancing. Music drifted on the harsh sea breeze, calling Johnny to her.

What was he supposed to do? Just leave her out there, exposed to the elements? Her skin looked deathly pale even from a distance, he couldn’t just leave her.

The water had been ice cold as he swam; it was if a thousand icy hands were trying to pull him down into the depths. Yet he persevered never once letting his legs rest as he made his way to her. His clothes would be drenched, he’d feel the cold and probably wind up sick but those were concerns for later.

Of course later never came. She’d been perfectly still when he approached, not even a rise of the chest in evidence of breath, he feared she was dead—this gorgeous, nameless woman ripped from him before he could ever know her.

He trod water, wrapped an arm around her waist and made to paddle for the boat. That’s when she moved. In a flash, her arms were tangled around him and she pulled him under, dragging him to his death.

Word count: 203 words

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