Dogs – Plural

I recently mentioned on my author page that I was taking care of the dogs, plural. But as you probably know my previous dog, Molly, passed away last year and our house had been empty of dogs until this March when I adopted baby girl Miley… so why did I use the plural form dogs instead of the singular dog?

One for each

Well, the answer is pretty simple, we adopted a second dog! Yes, having a puppy is a handful and I’m already at my limits caring for her and juggling everything else. However, our second dog isn’t technically mine she’s my brother’s.

Akela was meant to be part of our family, I’m sure of that. My brother saw her on the Pet Rescue website and immediately wanted to apply for her. He’d been looking to get a dog of his own for a while now and she’d be the perfect motivator to get him walking regularly. And lo and behold we applied to adopt her and everything fell into place rather quickly, her adoption process was quick and easy with far fewer hoops to jump through then Miley’s.

A Purrfect Playmate

Yes, I’m aware that’s more of a cat pun but it works better than Pawfect. We knew it was a match when Akela had her meet and greet with Miley. The foster carer brought Akela to our home and the two immediately hit it off. After an hour of playing nicely together we could tell she was the right fit, after all, they’d have to get along for us to proceed. Molly always had last say with fosters, Miley now has the final say with any new family additions.

Now that we’ve had Akela for almost two weeks they play a little less but that’s only because they know they can play whenever they like with each other. Miley is absolutely enamoured with her new big sister, and the two won’t sleep if they don’t know they can easily seek each other out (i.e. doors must be open). So with adding Akela to the family, Miley has stopped sleeping in her crate and the two have free roam of the house at night (luckily no mischief has transpired during sleeping hours).

So she’s a dog, but what exactly is Akela?

Like Miley, we got Akela from a rescue, not the same rescue, and she’s a bit of a mixture. She doesn’t share any of Miley’s breeds and she’s a lot bigger than Miley will end up being, but she’s a gentle girl and we love her. Similar to Miley, Akela is a mixture of three different breeds: Akita Inu, German Shephard and Kelpie.

Akela has these big soulful eyes and a lovely nature. She loves walking with her harness on at night and is terrified of water. Though not quite two years old yet she is a gentle, calm girl. A fussy eater that loves dairy (don’t worry we don’t just feed her dairy, we’ve found other things she’ll eat to give her a healthier diet). Oh and she loves to sleep on the couch!

As you can guess with the addition of Akela my schedule that had started to be a little more routine has been shaken up a little again. But, it’s okay. I love having two dogs in the house and can hardly say no to those big beautiful eyes of hers, she’s also curbed Miley’s habit of stealing shoes so that’s a bonus!

You’ll notice I’m starting to get back on track with the Wednesday prompt smash, but I have officially stopped doing the Saturday word of the day for now for multiple reasons not just due to the extra work of two young dogs. I’m focusing more on my major works in progress and on producing short stories for submission to anthologies, so with a bit of luck at the end of this year I’ll have a lot more of my work coming out in print.

P.S. If you want to follow the exploits of my lovely canines you can check out their Instagram account.

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