Wednesday Prompt Smash: Demon Wedding

Prompt: Demon Wedding

Word Limit: 333 words

Kira couldn’t remember a time when the demon lands had looked so beautiful, Lilies of the valley bloomed along the pathway with the accompaniment of Daphne shrubs. The fields were filled with vibrant blues and purples from the flowering Aconitum and Autumn Crocus. A sweet-scented perfume carried on the winds along with the haunting melodies of an orchestral quartet.

A heavy sigh extracted itself from her lungs as she wistfully stared at the petals of Atropa Belladonna scattered in front of her, perhaps the lands would never look this stunning again. With heavy footsteps, she began her march towards the wedding altar.

Held beneath an archway, with Angel’s Trumpets and Datura draped over the top as a floral accent, the altar was pure obsidian. Adelram’s dark feathers rustled as he tried to straighten his back without stretching his wings, he could see her approaching now. She was breathtaking. Dark ringlets tumbled down past her shoulders and a circlet of vibrant purple Opium Poppies crowned her, perfectly framing her onyx horns and violet eyes.

Kira took slow breaths as she walked, she would be at the altar soon. She gripped the sides of her dress, it looked as if she was holding her skirts up to avoid the dirt but truly she did it so her hands would not tremble. Soon this day would be behind them and this moment of peace would be shattered by continuous chaos.

They were both nervous, she was taking dreadfully long to walk the path and he continuously fidgeted, noted the Dark Priest. When she finally arrived he affixed her with his beady gaze, he could tell she wasn’t ready for this but Adelram could not so the proceedings would go on.

He bleated out the ancient verses, waited for one of them to object or flee but they both stayed firmly rooted. And in an instant it was over and done, they were wed and it was a vow they could never take back.

Word count: 331 words

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