My name is Sasha Hanton, but here on WordPress you can call me thebearthatreads. I chose the username because I love reading and my brother calls me Bear.

I’m a Bond University graduate, with a Bachelor in Journalism.  I am a freelance writer and editor, and I’m also currently working on my own book which I’m sending out to Publishers this year.

Please feel free to read my works and give feedback (compliments and criticisms are accepted), I hope you can enjoy my stories – I’ll be trying different styles and formats and will tag for specific themes and styles (such as if I’m avoiding the use of a word I’ll tag it Aversion of a word (word/plural)).

Love to receive feedback – writing is a lonely profession – so leave me a comment and make my day 🙂

Kind Regards,



This is my precious Janie, she was 15 years old. Unfortunately she’s passed on now, rest in piece my darling.

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