The Wayfarer- Dialogue 2

"Why is this town so far away~ " "It's remote, not visited often but it's meant to be a real hidden gem." "Why are we going there, isn't it out of our way? " "We have no set destination so no it's not. "

The Wayfarer Chapter 1- Part 2

"I'm bored, aren't we near a town yet?" The whine of tiny bells rang from the brim of a hat. "No not yet, this is a very long road and we haven't walked very far." Replied the wearer of the hat, they didn't mention that they were the only one actually walking. A light fluttering … Continue reading The Wayfarer Chapter 1- Part 2

The Wayfarer- Dialogue 1

“Gahhh! A cave! Eeeeek.” “I hate caves it’s so dark in here… w-what if there are wild monsters in here!” “…. But it’s nice and dry,” “um excuse me?” “Oooh and the ground is so soft, and clean!” “Wait it doesn’t really feel like dir- “Umm excuse me? Are you okay in there?” “Eeyah what … Continue reading The Wayfarer- Dialogue 1

The Wayfarer Chapter 1 – Part 1

“Drip, drip, drip, drip… drip, drip…. Ksssh” The rain began as a light drizzle, softly cooling the wayfarer’s face and nestling stains onto paper. But all too suddenly it changed into a raging storm demanding attention. “Oh dear.” Mumbled the wayfarer, bending over to shield the pages of their journal. “I don’t suppose it’ll pass … Continue reading The Wayfarer Chapter 1 – Part 1