The Wayfarer Chapter 1- Part 2

"I'm bored, aren't we near a town yet?" The whine of tiny bells rang from the brim of a hat. "No not yet, this is a very long road and we haven't walked very far." Replied the wearer of the hat, they didn't mention that they were the only one actually walking. A light fluttering [...]

The Wayfarer Chapter 1 – Part 1

“Drip, drip, drip, drip… drip, drip…. Ksssh” The rain began as a light drizzle, softly cooling the wayfarer’s face and nestling stains onto paper. But all too suddenly it changed into a raging storm demanding attention. “Oh dear.” Mumbled the wayfarer, bending over to shield the pages of their journal. “I don’t suppose it’ll pass [...]