Saturday Word of the Day: Collogue

*Collogue: to confer secretly. “I wish you would just talk to me, rather than collogue with my father.” Artemis shook with rage. “Why can’t you just have a little faith in me?” I bit my lip, what was there to say? What could possibly calm her down? “I just don’t understand,” She was pacing now, [...]


Saturday Word of the Day: Tattersall

*Tattersall: a pattern of squares formed by coloured crossbars on a solid-colour, usually light background. “I love all these tattersall clothes you have!” Decreed Becky, as she browsed through my wardrobe. “Thanks,” I replied, wondering just when she would leave. “Can I borrow this one?” She held one of my favourite dresses in her clutches. [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: “It’s a disaster!”

A/N: Check out Tim if you have time. Prompt: “It’s a disaster!” Word Limit: 200 words Tiffany could feel the anxiety overwhelming her, she could barely make out what everyone was saying. “Oh. My. God. Tiff, don’t panic but the florist sent dandelions instead of daffodils.” “Tiffany, honey? Don’t forget to hydrate.” “The caterers just [...]