Saturday Word of the Day: Green-Collar

*Green-collar: noting or pertaining to workers, jobs, or businesses that are involved in protecting the environment or solving environmental problems. “I never pictured you as a green-collar,” Tony remarked as he showed Mark around the office, “we’ve got everything here, all recycled products or environmentally sound. Oh and this is the greenhouse, you can come [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Feeling Green

Prompt: Feeling Green Word Limit: 150 words It was intolerable watching Marina dance, all the eyes in the hall drawn to her. Agatha’s skin always felt prickly when she saw Marina. Pretty, perfect, Marina. With each leap, twirl, side-step and pirouette that Marina made, Agatha’s stomach churned. The music seemed to pulse through Marina, enriching [...]

Saturday Word of the Day: Noblesse Oblige

*Noblesse Oblige: the moral obligation of those of high birth, powerful social position, etc., to act with honour, kindliness, generosity, etc. The knights’ parade was one of the castle town’s most beloved affairs. People would stop their work just to watch the knights as they marched past, admiring the stunning colours of their polished armour. [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Washed up Viking Longboat

A/N: I’ve left a lot in this story up to the reader’s imagination, enjoy. Prompt: Washed Up Viking Longboat Word Limit: 200 words The beach was deserted, not uncommon after a storm, which was just how James liked it. There was still a harsh wind blowing, even though the rain had long since stopped, and [...]