Wednesday Prompt Smash: Corporate Demons

A/N: Sorry, I missed last week and have just generally been a bit forgetful. Hope you all enjoy this week's piece. Prompt: Corporate Demons Word Limit: 200 words “So Jackie, if you could just sign this form here in triplicate.” Mifusila slid the stack of papers across the desk. The paper was smooth and soft … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Corporate Demons

Ballroom Blitz

Songs into Stories 5: Song: Ballroom Blitz by Sweet “Oh it’s been getting so hard, living with the things you do to me.” I softly whisper to my sleeping partner before slipping out of bed. I have to be quick if I want to get out of the house and to my therapy session without … Continue reading Ballroom Blitz

Wednesday Prompt Smash

Prompt: Suited to success Word Limit: 200 words “What a little genius,” “She’s going to be someone important someday,” “How talented,” Everyone cooed over the nine year old girl. She was a sensible child, interested in sensible things and dressed in practical clothing. All the relatives always fussed over her, she was a smart child … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash

Wednesday Prompt Smash: 20 colonies of mankind

Prompt: 20 colonies of mankind Word Limit: 400 words “All aboard the Centurion, our magnificent cruise will be travelling to all 20 of mankind’s colonies!” “Is it safe Mummy?” “Of course it is sweetie, we’ll be safe on board the centurion and plus humans aren’t that bad.” Hordes of people boarded the Centurion intergalactic spaceship; … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: 20 colonies of mankind

Saturday Word of the Day: Sociolect

*Sociolect: a variety of a language used by a particular social group; a social dialect “Dr Isano, it’s a pleasure to have you on board.” “Thank you General, I look forward to working with you and your team here.” “Dr Isano, your file says you speak Ragonik?” “Yes.” “We were wondering if you might be … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Sociolect

Wolves in Human Clothing 

The village was quiet, it was a pleasant evening. There was a nice, cool breeze and the moon was high above illuminating the sky. It hadn't been an easy place to find but Lisa was happy to have made it. She was a little perplexed how everything was closed early, more astonished to find nobody … Continue reading Wolves in Human Clothing 

Wednesday Prompt Smash: balloon in the sky

A/N: Tried something a little different for this week. Don't forget to check out Tim. Prompt: Balloon in the sky Word Limit: 250 words Adrift in the clouds, nothing but air and endless blue. Bobbing along, up and down, up and down. Wistfully travelling miles over time, moving ever so slowly to an undetermined destination. … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: balloon in the sky