Saturday Word of the Day: Fortitudinous

A/N: It’s Remembrance Day today, so remember to take time to remember all those who have fought for others. Lest we forget. *Fortitudinous: marked by bravery or courage. Sally was a fortitudinous girl, always at the ready to help her friends. Alas sometimes bravery won’t see you through, no unfortunately sometimes there’s just no escaping [...]


Wednesday Prompt Smash: High Tide

A/N: A little darker than some of my work. Check out Tim if you have time. Prompt: High Tide Word Limit: 350 words I stand stock still in the water. Heavy chain restraints, the cool metal tickles my skin. This is it, I can’t believe it, death is upon me. Spluttering, choking, coughing, nothing helps. [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Activate The Emergency Beacon

Prompt: “Activate the emergency beacon” Word Limit: 200 words All was quiet on the bridge, warning lights blinked on and off. In the vacuum of space, the craft drifted, a gaping hole in the side. Most of the crew had been lost in the attack, the majority of what remained were asleep in cryo chambers. [...]