Wednesday Prompt Smash: Parched

A/N: In honour of the Same-Sex Marriage Postal Vote Results here in Australia, I decided to twist this prompt to celebrate. Now, all we need is for our politicians to act on the vote and make it so, love is love. Prompt: Parched Word Limit: 27 Words “God, I am so parched. Hey, Davo get … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Parched

The Illuminated World: A King for a Queen

A/N: This particular story is about marriage equality, don't let the title fool you because not everything is always as it seems. Far, far away in a place called the Illuminated World there was a girl called Nari. However Nari was changing, she was growing from a girl into a woman and her family wanted … Continue reading The Illuminated World: A King for a Queen

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Rainbow War

A/N: It’s that time of the week again, Wednesday prompt smash is a project between my co-worker/friend Tim and I, you can read more about it on my Projects page. For Tim’s work check out Prompt: The King of the Rainbow Kingdom declared war yesterday Word Limit: 750 words All were a buzz in … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Rainbow War