Killing Time

Considering the current times we are living in you can probably guess what this blog post is about. Personally, working from home and spending most of my time in social isolation isn't a big change; I'm a freelance journalist and fiction writer. When I’m not writing most of my time is spent caring for my … Continue reading Killing Time

Looking Back

We're in 2020 now, a year that seemed so far away not so long ago. It's the end of a decade, and a lot has happened in this last decade. I've decided to kick this new year, and new decade, off with a bang and to be more productive - which means more writing. So … Continue reading Looking Back

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Super Awkward

Prompt: Super Awkward Word Limit: 80 words Well, this wasn’t going to be easy to explain. Somehow, with an amalgamation of bad luck and uncanny coincidences, Matthew had wound up stuck. His left foot was tangled in a mess of fishing wire, and his hand was trapped in a tool chest, he didn’t dare move … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Super Awkward

Saturday Word of the Day: Prodigal

*Prodigal: wastefully or recklessly extravagant. Delilah couldn’t help but feel drab and demure next to her brother. Marvin was the prodigal son, he immediately stood out in any crowd and continuously was surrounded by a flock of admirers. Admirers was not the word Martha would use for the gaggle of sycophants that took up every … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Prodigal

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mechbear

Prompt: Mechbear Word Limit: 150 words “Allison, what the hell is that?” Daphne gestured wildly at the hulking heap of metal in the corner of her sister’s lab. “It’s an uh, mechbear. Just a little bit of extra credit for my robotics class.” Allison was busy fiddling with a computer hard drive but she could … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mechbear

Saturday Word of the Day: Gussy

*Gussy: to enhance the attractiveness of in a gimmicky, showy manner. “Paula, honestly can’t you gussy yourself up a bit?” Marianne fussed over her youngest daughter, whose hair was in a loose mess and dress bore the marks of gardening. “Mum, stop it. It’s fine, I’m thirteen not eighteen. Nobody is going to be looking … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Gussy

Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Final Christmas

A/N: Sorry I missed posting on Saturday, I've had a very busy last few days with family visiting. I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays. Prompt: The Final Christmas Word Limit: 200 words A thick, heavy smog cloud loomed on the horizon as Veronica scurried home. Her arms were pressed firm, laden with presents, against … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Final Christmas

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Festive Drinks

A/N: I might not get the Saturday Word of the Day up this week (22nd) so just in case I don't I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays! As always you can find Tim's writing here. Prompt: A Christmas elf goes out for festive drinks with his cousin, a leprechaun Word Limit: 240 words Jack … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Festive Drinks


Yesterday I had the delight of receiving my copies of Beginnings – An Australian Speculative Fiction Anthology. It was an absolute thrill to open up the box and see all the books inside, knowing my short story was in there. The best thing Better than that feeling though, better than selling signed copies and getting … Continue reading Gratitude

Saturday Word of the Day: Prima facie

*Prima facie: plain or clear; self-evident; obvious. It was going to be a long day, Judy could tell as soon as she entered the office. Bruce and Colleen were locked in an argument over some trivial thing, though it was prima facie they just wanted an excuse to be mad at each other. Yes, it … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Prima facie