Wednesday Prompt Smash: Dusty

A/N: Check out Tim if you have time. Prompt: Dusty Word Limit: 200 words “Whoosh” a cloud of dust wafted off the leather binding as Alexandra blew upon it, her fingers softly caressed the cover as they pushed the dirt from obscuring the title. In thick cursive script, she could now make out the words [...]


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Book Burning Ceremony

Prompt: Book Burning Ceremony Word Limit: 350 words “What’s going on here?” Mister Mayo asked as he and his family entered the town square. “Oh, this? This is just our annual book burning ceremony.” Responded one of the cloaked citizens from beside the bonfire in the centre of the square. “Cool,” commented little Tommy Mayo. [...]

Saturday Word of the Day: Quotidian

*Quotidian: usual or customary; everyday  Cooking butternut snap biscuits the week before Christmas had become quotidian for the Harker family. The youngest members would crowd into the kitchen to help with the batter, licking the spoons as soon as they were done. And the older family members would supervise as the trays of cookies went [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Battered old photograph

A/N: Tim's work Prompt: Battered old photograph Word Limit: 500 words Elise was an old woman, getting near 90 years of age; she had wrinkles and frown lines. Her long white hair was rather thin and waspy, and her smile was extremely crooked. She had lived a long life, not a particularly good one she [...]