Wednesday Prompt Smash: Hell Racers

Prompt: Hell Racers Word Limit: 300 words Hell is a turbulent place, the afterlife is lit with flame and lightning, the people residing there call out for change. Unhappiness is rampant there, yet it is not so far from the world of the living. Red hot paths of tar form roads across the hellscape, a [...]


Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Warriors Of Cheese

A/N: I had Dungeons & Dragons on the brain while writing this, which is nice because my friend Tim who gives me these prompts also introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons. Prompt: The Warriors of Cheese Word Limit: 250 words “’We’re under attack!’ Cries General Gumball, ‘It’s the Warriors of Cheese!’ You look over the [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: What is done, cannot be undone

Prompt: What is done, cannot be undone Word Limit: 150 words There are three creeds to the order of Villanscea. The first is Magic Corrupts. While magic is not outlawed in the order, it is looked upon with distrust. Practitioners of the craft must be watched at all times, their power cannot go unchecked. And [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: You disgust me

Prompt: “You disgust me, all you humans do.” Word Limit: 250 words “You disgust me, all you humans do.” Marak grunted as Nate slurped soup from his bowl. They were a bit of a hodgepodge scouting party, a unified effort of the New Order Alliance. There was Nate representing the Humans of Avernis, Marak and [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: 20 colonies of mankind

Prompt: 20 colonies of mankind Word Limit: 400 words “All aboard the Centurion, our magnificent cruise will be travelling to all 20 of mankind’s colonies!” “Is it safe Mummy?” “Of course it is sweetie, we’ll be safe on board the centurion and plus humans aren’t that bad.” Hordes of people boarded the Centurion intergalactic spaceship; [...]

Saturday Word of the Day: Chanticleer

A/N: Happy Lunar New Year! *Chanticleer: a rooster. “Siti, what exactly are we looking for?” Hai called out to the monkey girl who was swinging between the trees. “Just wait, you’ll see.” Siti disappears up into the canopy of a particularly large tree. Hai looks up at the tall trees, the sky barely visible through [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: My Inheritence

Prompt: My Inheritance Word Limit: 250 words Olympia Oramaia cried when her mother died, she cried for days on end. And then when the time for grieving was over she donned her decorative armour and marched to the grand hall. There was a meeting of the council; gods, veterans and oracles. When Olympia walked into [...]

Saturday Word of the Day: Laterigrade

*Laterigrade: having a sideways manner of moving, as a crab. “Now children gather round it’s time for surface lessons, pay close attention as you’ll need to know all of this to pass the test. And you all know what happens if you don’t pass the test.” “We don’t get to visit the surface.” “That’s right [...]