Saturday Word of the Day: Tattersall

*Tattersall: a pattern of squares formed by coloured crossbars on a solid-colour, usually light background. “I love all these tattersall clothes you have!” Decreed Becky, as she browsed through my wardrobe. “Thanks,” I replied, wondering just when she would leave. “Can I borrow this one?” She held one of my favourite dresses in her clutches. [...]


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Bizzare Family Tradition

A/N: Sorry this week’s post is late, I got confused about what day was what and have just been very distracted as a whole. For Tim’s work check out: Prompt: Bizarre Family Tradition Word Limit: 300 words This was the deciding moment, if Zachary failed this there was no way Pop would give his [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Self Harm

Happy people don't hurt themselves, they don't have mental breakdowns and just start screaming. But what about all those people who are just faking? Do they do this, do the try to suffocate themselves? I'm not after attention, I just need to remind myself that I'm alive. Remind myself that death is scary and physical [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Snow Day

This is what I live for. Sweaters, scarves, ear-muffs, beanies, snowboards, skis, SNOW! When you have powers of perpetual cold and are always wearing long sleeved shirts, snow days are amazing because suddenly you don't stick out like a sore thumb. And people stop questioning your cold hands! Snow days at Meta House are epic, [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Literally invisible

It's hard being a social outcast,  a recluse, someone whose on the fringe of society. Hard because no matter what you wear you look weird, no matter what you do it's weird. There's just no winning when you choose to be different, to go against the grain. Or at least there's no winning for me. [...]