Wednesday Prompt Smash: My Inheritence

Prompt: My Inheritance Word Limit: 250 words Olympia Oramaia cried when her mother died, she cried for days on end. And then when the time for grieving was over she donned her decorative armour and marched to the grand hall. There was a meeting of the council; gods, veterans and oracles. When Olympia walked into [...]

Saturday Word of the Day: Laterigrade

*Laterigrade: having a sideways manner of moving, as a crab. “Now children gather round it’s time for surface lessons, pay close attention as you’ll need to know all of this to pass the test. And you all know what happens if you don’t pass the test.” “We don’t get to visit the surface.” “That’s right [...]

Saturday Word of Day: Limacine

*Limacine: pertaining to or resembling a slug; sluglike. The lower class faeries were surprisingly limacine. All of the texts Lindy had read had been rather misleading, or rather misinformed. Winged fae were viewed as a kind of nobility and the fae that had inspired folklore of elves were in fact royalty.  In the court of [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Christmas Elves

A/N: I’d like to apologise for missing last weeks entry, but after completing NANOWRIMO I was feeling a bit writing fatigued. As per usual if you want to check out Tim’s work go here. Prompt: Christmas Elves Word Limit: 750 words The workshop was a messy place, with toys all over the floor and wrapping [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Just like the stories foretold

A/N: Tim's stuff Prompt: Just like the stories foretold Word Limit: 500 words It was all rather unnerving, nobody likes knowing their fate especially not when they are without a doubt certain that the fate they have been told cannot be correct. “Look again seer, that can’t be right.” Protested the young Princess Amariy, “It [...]