Wednesday Prompt Smash: High Tide

A/N: A little darker than some of my work. Check out Tim if you have time. Prompt: High Tide Word Limit: 350 words I stand stock still in the water. Heavy chain restraints, the cool metal tickles my skin. This is it, I can’t believe it, death is upon me. Spluttering, choking, coughing, nothing helps. … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: High Tide


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Shelter

A/N: A little darker than my usual material, my attempt at expanding my repertoire into horror. As per usual if you have time check out Tim's work. Prompt: Shelter Word Limit: 300 words Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, the city was overrun with vicious beasts. People were being hunted down, no one was safe, … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Shelter