Saturday Word of the Day: Jockey

*Jockey: to manipulate cleverly or trickily. “Cynthia, perfect, just the person I wanted to see!” “What is it now, Nigel?” “I need your help, more precisely I need your specific set of skills.” “I don’t do that kind of stuff anymore, Nigel.” “Pish-posh, I promise it’s nothing so vulgar as whatever you think it is,” … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Jockey


Have you ever?

"Let's start off easy, have you ever kissed a boy?" Everyone but two drank. "Have you ever dated someone?" Almost everyone drank, a couple of them just circled the rim of the glasses with their fingers. "Have you ever gone skinny dipping?" Everyone except one didn't drink, eyes bulged at the one. "What it was … Continue reading Have you ever?