Wednesday Prompt Smash: Feeling Green

Prompt: Feeling Green Word Limit: 150 words It was intolerable watching Marina dance, all the eyes in the hall drawn to her. Agatha’s skin always felt prickly when she saw Marina. Pretty, perfect, Marina. With each leap, twirl, side-step and pirouette that Marina made, Agatha’s stomach churned. The music seemed to pulse through Marina, enriching [...]


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Restless Ghost

Prompt: Restless Ghost Word Limit: 150 words The wind rustles in the leaves just outside my window. The girl has been staring out the window for hours now, just staring mindlessly outside and sighing. It’s frustrating watching her be so melancholy, it’s infuriating listening to her sigh. I scream at her and tell her to [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Completely Lost

A/N: Per normal you can find Tim's work at Prompt: Completely Lost Word count: 150 words “I can’t believe it, we’re lost. And here I thought only men refused to ask directions,” “We are not lost Katy, now just simmer down while I read this map.” “We’re completely lost Abigail, completely lost. There’s no signage [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Self Harm

Happy people don't hurt themselves, they don't have mental breakdowns and just start screaming. But what about all those people who are just faking? Do they do this, do the try to suffocate themselves? I'm not after attention, I just need to remind myself that I'm alive. Remind myself that death is scary and physical [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Literally invisible

It's hard being a social outcast,  a recluse, someone whose on the fringe of society. Hard because no matter what you wear you look weird, no matter what you do it's weird. There's just no winning when you choose to be different, to go against the grain. Or at least there's no winning for me. [...]