Saturday Word of the Day: Sapiosexual

*Sapiosexual: a person who finds intelligence to be a sexually attractive quality in others. “Hey sweet thing, can I buy you a drink?” Lucinda looked the asker in the eye, he didn’t seem like her type. “Sorry, no… unless do you happen to know what sapiosexual, means?” They looked at her, she could see the [...]


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Hellhounds

Prompt: Hellhounds Word Limit: 200 words Persephone sighed, leaning against the pomegranate tree. She longed for the sun, for the warmth of the earth and for the gentle caress of the wind… she longed for something, anything to do in this stagnant underworld. It pained Hades to watch her and the forlorn expression open her [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Battered old photograph

A/N: Tim's work Prompt: Battered old photograph Word Limit: 500 words Elise was an old woman, getting near 90 years of age; she had wrinkles and frown lines. Her long white hair was rather thin and waspy, and her smile was extremely crooked. She had lived a long life, not a particularly good one she [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Just like the stories foretold

A/N: Tim's stuff Prompt: Just like the stories foretold Word Limit: 500 words It was all rather unnerving, nobody likes knowing their fate especially not when they are without a doubt certain that the fate they have been told cannot be correct. “Look again seer, that can’t be right.” Protested the young Princess Amariy, “It [...]