Wednesday Prompt Smash: Blinding Light

A/N: Please excuse me for missing Saturday's post and for today's post being quite short, I had a friend visiting over the weekend and on Monday we picked up our new puppy Miley. That said consider this due warning that for the next few weeks (possibly months) my writing may be delayed and shorter than … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Blinding Light

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Game Changer

Prompt: Game Changer Word Limit: 175 words Please Login or Signup to access DreamWeave Username: Angel Password: ******* Loading… Angela thrums her fingers against the desk. Loading… Loading… Welcome back, Angel. What would you like to do today? “Finally,” she leans forward before moving her mouse along the screen. Change Dreamscape? Are you sure you … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Game Changer

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Crash Landing

A/N: A bit late in the day but it's still Wednesday so I'm technically not late in posting this. Prompt: Crash Landing Word Limit: 150 words The shuttlecraft was old, it's exterior plating was starting to show traces of rust and one of the thrusters had a habit of cutting out. But Captain O'mar didn't … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Crash Landing

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mechbear

Prompt: Mechbear Word Limit: 150 words “Allison, what the hell is that?” Daphne gestured wildly at the hulking heap of metal in the corner of her sister’s lab. “It’s an uh, mechbear. Just a little bit of extra credit for my robotics class.” Allison was busy fiddling with a computer hard drive but she could … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mechbear

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Alien Ship

Prompt: Alien ship hidden on Earth Word Limit: 250 words There was a crack in Uluru. A great big fissure had appeared in the sandstone overnight and understandably people were upset. Ayers Rock, the great big red centre of the Northern Territory was breaking. After the instance indigenous leaders flocked to the gigantic rock, trying … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Alien Ship

Wednesday Prompt Smash: High Rise

Prompt: High Rise Word Limit: 200 words Mars was changing, had been changing for the past fifty years. Kit was tired of change, why did everything have to change? The scuff of red soil left notable stains on Kit’s shoes but he didn’t mind, out on the outskirts was the last part of Mars City … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: High Rise

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Artificial Personal Assistant

Prompt: Artificial Personal Assistant Word Limit:  100 words “Didi, make a note to buy something special for Samantha’s birthday.” Lucius carefully threads his tie into a knot. “Yes, sir. Did you have something specific in mind?” The blinking blue light at the top right of the mirror lets off a short flash as a clearly … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Artificial Personal Assistant

Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Starcrypt

A/N: My apologies for missing last week's Saturday Word of the Day. I had a lot of fun writing the prompt smash today, and I may expand on this story in time. Prompt: The Starcrypt Word Limit: 180 words “Alright, Jodie take us in nice and slow.” Tucker pulls tight on his harness, the last … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Starcrypt

Tales from the Wasteland: Top Secret

It had been a long day working at the outpost, what with wasting a load of ammunition on a giant slug. The major had made a big show of shouting at everyone, but honestly, there hadn’t been any other options open to them. Johnny was on night patrol, not that there was much to watch … Continue reading Tales from the Wasteland: Top Secret