The sky is awash with birds in flight, no colours can be made out against the harsh sunlight but the shapes and patterns are magnificent. I stretch my hand up, it feels as if I should be able to touch them, I know I cannot possibly hope to reach them. They are no more touchable [...]



Everything seemed so easy when I was a teenager. It was so simple to complain about boys and parents, to worry about finishing assignments and presentations. Life didn't seem so extremely hard and frustrating or maybe it did. I mean in high school I had my whole future planned out, I knew what I wanted [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Self Harm

Happy people don't hurt themselves, they don't have mental breakdowns and just start screaming. But what about all those people who are just faking? Do they do this, do the try to suffocate themselves? I'm not after attention, I just need to remind myself that I'm alive. Remind myself that death is scary and physical [...]