Wednesday Prompt Smash: Everyone is off sick

A/N: I had my wisdom teeth (all four) removed on Friday, so I missed doing the Saturday Word of the Day this week. I’m still on painkillers and pretty out of it, so please bear with me if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes I have overlooked in today’s piece. Prompt: “Everyone is off … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Everyone is off sick

Saturday Word of the Day: Carking

A/N: Minor use of profanity in today’s piece. *Carking: distressful. Eloise was trying not to lose her cool in this carking situation. She was trying and failing. “Oh my god, oh my god, what do we do?” Linda’s panic was becoming contagious as the minutes ticked by. “I don’t know, alright just try to stay … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Carking

Writing is the Easy Part

No matter how you go about getting your work published there are numerous steps involved, and it can definitely be tiresome. There’s a lot of work that goes into publishing a book; whether that be going the traditional print route or choosing the digital e-book path. I’ve just released my collection of short stories, and … Continue reading Writing is the Easy Part

Please take care of this bear

Dear Readers, As you may be aware my nickname is bear, and I am currently in London. What you may not be aware of is that I love Paddington Bear, I have a Paddington rattle from when I was a baby but it isn't great now I'm an adult... So I've wanted a new Paddington … Continue reading Please take care of this bear


Songs Into Stories 3: Shots by Imagine Dragons “I’m sorry, sorry for everything I’ve done.” My hand trembles on the trigger, slowly I squeeze it tight and after the bang sounds out I regret it. Xxx “Father forgive me for I have sinned.” Confession is not a way to alleviate the guilt you feel, but … Continue reading Shots


Everything seemed so easy when I was a teenager. It was so simple to complain about boys and parents, to worry about finishing assignments and presentations. Life didn't seem so extremely hard and frustrating or maybe it did. I mean in high school I had my whole future planned out, I knew what I wanted … Continue reading Crash

It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Self Harm

Happy people don't hurt themselves, they don't have mental breakdowns and just start screaming. But what about all those people who are just faking? Do they do this, do the try to suffocate themselves? I'm not after attention, I just need to remind myself that I'm alive. Remind myself that death is scary and physical … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Self Harm

Saturday Word of the Day: Vernacularize

*Vernacularize: to translate into the natural speech peculiar to a people Vernacularize, v-e-r-n-a-c-u-l-a-r-i-z-e, vernacularize. Spelling the word out in her head, as if she was a fifth grader during a spelling bee, did not help. The deadline for her piece on the word of the day was due into the paper any second now, and … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Vernacularize