The cursed chair

A/N: inspired by my visit to the Thirsk Museum which displays an actually cursed chair. Happy Halloween!  Isabella trembled as cold, night air blew in from the windows. But she couldn't just close them, if she did she surely wouldn't be able to see or hear when her husband was approaching. He was late, he … Continue reading The cursed chair


Saturday Word of the Day: Apparition

*Apparition: a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost. The old Millcrest Manor had been abandoned for years, all the townspeople avoided it like the plague. Nobody dared even approach the front gate as the old superstitions clung to each and every citizen. It was a beautiful fall, leaves in crisp oranges … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Apparition

Wolves in Human Clothing 

The village was quiet, it was a pleasant evening. There was a nice, cool breeze and the moon was high above illuminating the sky. It hadn't been an easy place to find but Lisa was happy to have made it. She was a little perplexed how everything was closed early, more astonished to find nobody … Continue reading Wolves in Human Clothing 

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mirrors

A/N: This is my official last post before leaving Australia! Please don’t forget to check out Tim over on Flights of Fantasy. Also went for a little bit of a spooky story style here to celebrate Halloween coming up. Prompt: Mirrors aren’t always what they seem Word Limit: 250 words I never liked mirrors much, … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mirrors