Saturday Word of the Day: Cackleberry

*Cackleberry: a hen's egg used for food A/N: A few spelling and grammar edits needing doing as I wrote this on my phone at work. [Checkout Galoot, Boobook, Astir and One-Word Inspiration posts for more of Witchbane Academy and its Alumni] "Welcome to your first official potions class ladies, my name Professor Aria Salmanda. I'll be [...]

Saturday Word of the Day: Astir

*Astir: moving or stirring, especially with much activity or excitement The students of Witchbane Academy were astir, High Sorceress Melisandre Wolsmitt was coming. Freshman dormitories were abuzz with rumours about the famed Witch of Wonders, senior dormitories were giddy with nerves over the Enchantments Competition she would be hosting and everyone was after a glimpse [...]