Wednesday Prompt Smash: But it’s tradition

Prompt: But it’s tradition Word Limit: 250 words Sometimes you have a bad mental health day, sometimes you just lose your grip on reality and that’s it. Some days you just don’t feel like checking in to life, and it just doesn’t matter what day it is. For Abigail that wasn’t often, she was for … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: But it’s tradition


Lazy Days

Dear Readers, The past few days I haven't been up to much, went for catchups with family friends and enjoyed a nice relaxing time. On Friday I went to the James Herriot World exhibit, really insightful and fun to look around (if you aren't familiar with James Herriot I suggest googling him, its actually the … Continue reading Lazy Days

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Hellhounds

Prompt: Hellhounds Word Limit: 200 words Persephone sighed, leaning against the pomegranate tree. She longed for the sun, for the warmth of the earth and for the gentle caress of the wind… she longed for something, anything to do in this stagnant underworld. It pained Hades to watch her and the forlorn expression open her … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Hellhounds

Missed entries

This is just an announcement post to apologise to all of my readers. I wanted to apologise for missing this week's Wednesday prompt smash and yesterday's Saturday word of the day. I just finished Nanowrimo and I'm feeling a little writers fatigue but I'll be back to regular posting next week. Kind regards, Thebearthatreads

Blog Awards: The Infinity Dreams Award

So the wonderful Rosmawrites of A Reading Writer nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award, which is an amazing honour. I'm not really super active in communication but I'm honoured to have all of you read my writing and I feel that to show my appreciation I should accept this nomination. From what I've gathered this … Continue reading Blog Awards: The Infinity Dreams Award

An Interview with a Ghost

Something good to read if you’ve ever considered working as a ghost writer.

Michelle Hanton OAM

My younger self - Kashmir My younger self – Kashmir c1977

Do you remember wondering what you would like to do during your late teens and early twenties?

When I was making the transition from educational life to working life, I was keenly interested in career options and in hearing about others’ experiences – particularly if they were in a field I was considering.

It’s occurred to me that, within my network alone, there’s probably several hundreds of years’ worth of experience and insights, which the young me would have found informative at that stage in my life.

The idea of sharing with the younger generation appeals to me, so I’ve come up with the “Interview With A (job title)” series. I’d love to know what you think of the concept and if you’re willing to contribute.

Here’s the first instalment

Interview with a Ghost

I:      How did you get into ghost writing?

G:     By…

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Dear readers, I must apologise for the delay with this week's Wednesday prompt smash. A lot has been happening lately and I'm very busy so I regret to inform you I won't be posting the prompt smash till Saturday along with the word of the day. Sincerest apologies, The bear that reads