Wednesday Prompt Smash: Corporate Demons

A/N: Sorry, I missed last week and have just generally been a bit forgetful. Hope you all enjoy this week's piece. Prompt: Corporate Demons Word Limit: 200 words “So Jackie, if you could just sign this form here in triplicate.” Mifusila slid the stack of papers across the desk. The paper was smooth and soft … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Corporate Demons

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Stolen Fruit

A/N: I’m very sorry to have missed writing last week’s Wednesday Prompt Smash piece, but I had to take some time for self-care away from my writing. Prompt: Stolen Fruit Word Limit: 170 words The apple hanged gingerly from the tree, it looked almost as if a small breeze could send it tumbling loose. Eve … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Stolen Fruit

Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Traitor

Prompt: The Traitor Word Limit: 200 words Blood dripped off of Lynel’s hand even as he brought his fingertips to his lips. “She has such sweet blood,” he flicked his tongue across his digits and grinned. Donnel tried not to gag as Lynel reached down, plunging his hand once more into Princess Elena’s chest. “How … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Traitor

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Super Awkward

Prompt: Super Awkward Word Limit: 80 words Well, this wasn’t going to be easy to explain. Somehow, with an amalgamation of bad luck and uncanny coincidences, Matthew had wound up stuck. His left foot was tangled in a mess of fishing wire, and his hand was trapped in a tool chest, he didn’t dare move … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Super Awkward

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Demon Wedding

Prompt: Demon Wedding Word Limit: 333 words Kira couldn’t remember a time when the demon lands had looked so beautiful, Lilies of the valley bloomed along the pathway with the accompaniment of Daphne shrubs. The fields were filled with vibrant blues and purples from the flowering Aconitum and Autumn Crocus. A sweet-scented perfume carried on … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Demon Wedding

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Ye Olde Coffee Shop

Prompt: Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe Word Limit: 150 words “What is this place?” Adam’s nose wrinkled as the smell of burning coffee beans greeted him. “This is the place baristas fear, Mother Marjorie’s Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe. She filters, compacts and all that other stuff by herself… and she’s half blind.” Marcus made a half … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Ye Olde Coffee Shop

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Death by mermaid

Prompt: Death by mermaid Word Limit: 200 words She was so beautiful. Her deep green hair flowing around her as she floated on the surface limply, it was simply entrancing. Music drifted on the harsh sea breeze, calling Johnny to her. What was he supposed to do? Just leave her out there, exposed to the … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Death by mermaid

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Frozen Lake

Prompt: Frozen Lake Word Limit: 200 words This was a nightmare, Greta decided. She could feel the cold seeping into her bones but refused to open her eyes, if she could just ignore it for long enough perhaps it would all go away. Even as she tried to shut it all out the soft cracking … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Frozen Lake

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Prayer Power

A/N: My apologies for this being a day late, hope you enjoy. Also, I've missed the Saturday Word of the Day lately as a recent update to the dictionary app I use means it's no longer giving the word of the day early for the Southern Hemisphere, that and my Saturday's are fairly hectic with … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Prayer Power

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Broken Chains

Prompt: Broken Chains Word Limit: 250 words The screams Dahlia had decided were the worst part about her work. Their high octave, ear piercing shrillness that never seemed to dissipate was far more frustrating than even her deplorable assistant’s clumsiness. And it was constant. Her only relief was when the evening shift came around and … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Broken Chains