Good Golly, Miss Molly

You may or may not be aware that on Tuesday I said goodbye to my dog, Molly. For those who have been to my about page you’ll have seen the photo of my previous dog, Janie, well Molly’s the dog that sometimes appears in story posts as the featured image and the dog who makes … Continue reading Good Golly, Miss Molly


I Volunteer… But Not As Tribute

Sorry for The Hunger Games wordplay in the title, I’ve been reading a lot of discussions on the series lately so it immediately came to mind. But, today’s blog post is not about The Hunger Games it is about volunteering – specifically the volunteering I’ve done this month for the Abbey Museum’s Medieval Festival. A … Continue reading I Volunteer… But Not As Tribute

Tales from the Wasteland: Treasure and Stuff

This was not turning out to be a good day for Rod and his crew, they’d been trekking across the wasteland for five days now and had hardly anything to show for it. They had enough supplies for a few more days travel but they’d need to turn back soon or they’d never make it … Continue reading Tales from the Wasteland: Treasure and Stuff

Tales from the Wasteland: Big Game Hunting

A/N: So for those following my FB page you may have noticed the last few months I've been doing Thursday Character Insights. To expand on that, in anticipation of getting Customerpocalypse released as an e-book I'll be putting up short story spin-offs for the characters of Customerpocalypse every Thursday of this month. Without further ado, I bring … Continue reading Tales from the Wasteland: Big Game Hunting

Writing is the Easy Part

No matter how you go about getting your work published there are numerous steps involved, and it can definitely be tiresome. There’s a lot of work that goes into publishing a book; whether that be going the traditional print route or choosing the digital e-book path. I’ve just released my collection of short stories, and … Continue reading Writing is the Easy Part

What we take for granted

In life as in business, there are always going to be things you take for granted, but they won’t necessarily always be there. A lot of the time the things we take for granted are in fact, people. Not things but actual human beings. When you’re moving full steam ahead, trying to grasp every opportunity … Continue reading What we take for granted

White Teeth Teens

Songs into Stories 4: Song- White Teeth Teens By Lorde I couldn’t help wanting to be one of them, they looked so good; a little goth maybe but also super edgy. Everyone admired them, those pristine smiles and spotless grades. I felt the need, the desire to be one of them and so I opened … Continue reading White Teeth Teens