Saturday Word of the Day: Pervious

A/N: I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all, but not just yet, keep your eyes on the blog for further information soon. *Pervious: open or accessible to reason, feeling, argument, etc. Everyone, everything, is pervious to something whether they know it or not. -END-


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Pink Dragon

A/N: Sorry this is so late! With #NaNoWriMo still going and just life, in general, I’m doing my very best to get these up in a timely fashion. Don’t forget to check out Tim’s work if you have the time. Prompt: Pink Dragon Word Limit: 50 Words “What’s that, Mica?” Little Delilah asked. “It’s my … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Pink Dragon

Saturday Word of the Day: Nonbook

A/N: Still keeping at it. #Nanowrimo is keeping me busy, I've slowed down a bit but I'm close to the finish line. *Nonbook: a book without artistic or literary merit or substance, especially one that has been developed primarily to exploit a fad or make a quick profit. “Really? They’re making that book into a … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Nonbook

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Parched

A/N: In honour of the Same-Sex Marriage Postal Vote Results here in Australia, I decided to twist this prompt to celebrate. Now, all we need is for our politicians to act on the vote and make it so, love is love. Prompt: Parched Word Limit: 27 Words “God, I am so parched. Hey, Davo get … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Parched

Saturday Word of the Day: Fortitudinous

A/N: It’s Remembrance Day today, so remember to take time to remember all those who have fought for others. Lest we forget. *Fortitudinous: marked by bravery or courage. Sally was a fortitudinous girl, always at the ready to help her friends. Alas sometimes bravery won’t see you through, no unfortunately sometimes there’s just no escaping … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Fortitudinous

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Knitted Beanie

A/N: Tim’s being nice and keeping the word limits for my prompts low while I work away on my NaNoWriMo project. Prompt: Knitted Beanie Word Limit: 30 Words Stitch by stitch, red yarn and blue. It takes time and love to knit the perfect gift, but it’ll be worth it to see their face light … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Knitted Beanie

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Forklift

A/N: You’ll have to forgive me if I start to be a little late with my posts and they start to be exceedingly short, it’s November and I am of course participating in Nanowrimo. If you want to read more short stories, I suggest checking out my friend Tim’s work. Prompt: Forklift Word Limit: 50 … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Forklift