Not Exactly Elementary

Today my novel ‘Customerpocalypse’ officially releases as an e-book. It’s an exciting feeling but I’m also nervous about putting this novel out into the big wide world. I’m nervous because I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s barely mine, and yet I’ve sunk so much time into it so I’m terrified of … Continue reading Not Exactly Elementary


Tales from the Wasteland: Mayor of Survivortopolis

Stan’s whole world had been flipped upside down with one phone call… well technically the phone call was for Ricky, then the information in that phone call relayed to Stan. It’s not every day your assistant manager barges into your office and demands you lockdown the store immediately. Then again it’s not every day that … Continue reading Tales from the Wasteland: Mayor of Survivortopolis

Tales from the Wasteland: Information is Power

There are only so many ways to make a living after the apocalypse, and most of them aren’t exactly suitable for a middle-aged woman who’s spent her life working behind a desk. So Allie found herself getting inventive, she didn’t want to go back to working in customer service and pandering to people. To avoid … Continue reading Tales from the Wasteland: Information is Power

Let me take you on a Tourney

It’s been a while since I came back to Australia and officially put my travel blogging on hold. However once in a while, I get to enjoy some pretty neat things in my home country, and with my recent move from the Northern Territory to Queensland, I’m getting to enjoy lots of new things. SO … Continue reading Let me take you on a Tourney

The Wandering Writer Returned Home

Dear Readers, I'd like to start by thanking you all for following along with me in my travels, it has been an honour to have you reading my entries. Yesterday I finally reached home after departing the UK on Monday morning, and so as you can guess this will be the last post regarding my … Continue reading The Wandering Writer Returned Home

The Long Dinner

Dear readers, I am currently writing to you from Haworth, more properly known as Bronte country (after the Bronte sisters who used to live here). I've been in Haworth for 2 days now and I am enjoying it, though I am definitely feeling the cold these days. On my first day here I'd been dropped … Continue reading The Long Dinner

Witch’s Field

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure" - Rowena Ravenclaw (J.K. Rowling) Hello my darling readers, I'm writing to you from my laptop as I've returned to stay with family in Elland. Before I go on about how great it is to be back and about my unlucky day today though I simply must tell … Continue reading Witch’s Field

Mixing Cultures

My dearest readers, I am now writing to you from Seville, Spain. However this post is not about Seville, it's about Cordoba. Earlier today, and most of yesterday evening, my uncle and I spent our time exploring the beautiful city of Cordoba. Let me tell you about Cordoba, it is beautiful, it has a wonderful … Continue reading Mixing Cultures