This page is here to inform you about the various writing projects I’ll have here on the short story press. Projects are more than standalone posts and will be long on-going series of posts. Without further ado here is a list of projects:

– The Wayfarer: This project is a story about a young wayfarer. The story is told through singular posts which may be formatted as journal entries, dialogues or chapters. I have put this project on hold for the time being, but who knows when I might start it up again.

– It’s Not Easy Being Meta: A project that will be updated when the mood takes me. It’s Not Easy Being Meta  follows the trials and tribulations of a group of young meta-humans dealing with everyday life and the downsides of superhuman powers.

– Songs to Stories: This project uses songs as inspiration for short stories. At the start of a post the song used will be mentioned and linked.

– Saturday Word of the Day: Ongoing, every Saturday using the word of the day from my phone’s app a short story will be posted.

– Wednesday Prompt Smash: So my friend Tim came up with this idea of giving each other prompts/themes and word limits on Fridays and publishing stories based on these on Wednesday. My friend Tim’s blog where he posts his entries can be found here:

-The Illuminated World: A series of Children’s stories, please see the Illuminated World page for more details about this project. These will be posted after I’ve fully composed them and had time to edit them.

-The Wandering Writer: I went on an adventure last year, check out my post to see details or pop over to The Wandering Writer page. If you check my Wandering Writer Category you’ll be sure to see all the blog posts I put up chronicling my journey.

-Tales from the Wasteland: A series of stories from the perspective of different characters in my novel ‘Customerpocalypse’ which I’m hoping to release as an e-book soon.

That’s all for the projects so far. Keep checking this page to find out about any up and coming projects.




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