Something like misery

Dear Readers, First I'll start by apologising for missing this week's Saturday Word of the Day, I spent the first half of Saturday catching up with family and seeing some of Dublin's sites that I'd missed on Friday. We went to the Dublin Writers Museum which was interesting, did you know Bram Stoker was Irish? … Continue reading Something like misery


Tired in Ireland 

Dear readers, My feet are so sore, my legs almost gave way coming up the stairs to my accommodation. The reason for this is that I left my accommodation at 9.15ish this morning and walked around Dublin, it is now 2.12pm and I've been back for about 12mins. I set out with a plan, and … Continue reading Tired in Ireland 

The Wandering Writer- AKA I’m going on an Adventure

Hello Everyone, I'm excited to announce that I'm going travelling, as of tomorrow I'll be jetting off from my home town of Darwin, Australia. This trip has been planned for a few months now and I'm both overwhelmingly excited and terrified.  For this adventure I'm going overseas to Spain with my Uncle and then after … Continue reading The Wandering Writer- AKA I’m going on an Adventure