Wednesday Prompt Smash: “It’s a disaster!”

A/N: Check out Tim if you have time. Prompt: “It’s a disaster!” Word Limit: 200 words Tiffany could feel the anxiety overwhelming her, she could barely make out what everyone was saying. “Oh. My. God. Tiff, don’t panic but the florist sent dandelions instead of daffodils.” “Tiffany, honey? Don’t forget to hydrate.” “The caterers just … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: “It’s a disaster!”



The sky is awash with birds in flight, no colours can be made out against the harsh sunlight but the shapes and patterns are magnificent. I stretch my hand up, it feels as if I should be able to touch them, I know I cannot possibly hope to reach them. They are no more touchable … Continue reading Branded

Please take care of this bear

Dear Readers, As you may be aware my nickname is bear, and I am currently in London. What you may not be aware of is that I love Paddington Bear, I have a Paddington rattle from when I was a baby but it isn't great now I'm an adult... So I've wanted a new Paddington … Continue reading Please take care of this bear