Meowketing Yourself

I’m sorry for the pun, I can’t help it, I swear I’m a grown up. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about today is marketing yourself… it just so happens that for me that currently involves a few cat-centric things (hence my terrible pun). Now for those of you following me on Facebook, you’ll already … Continue reading Meowketing Yourself


Saturday Word of the Day: Objurgate

A/N: This is a little late but Happy Lunar New Year everyone! To ring in the Year of the Dog, I thought I’d make today’s word of the day post dog related. *Objurgate: to reproach or denounce vehemently. Molly pulls at the leash, she swerves left and right. Her chubby body is actually full of … Continue reading Saturday Word of the Day: Objurgate

It’s All A Sneak Peek To Me

A/N: So last week I ran a poll over on my Facebook Page, to see what genre people preferred; Fantasy or Gothic Horror. The results were 100% Fantasy (as you can see in the screenshot below), so in honour of that, I decided to reveal this sneak peek of the book I'm currently working on. … Continue reading It’s All A Sneak Peek To Me

That’s A Wrap!

This week has been pretty exhaustive for me, and 2018 has only just started. To be fair, every week has been exhaustive recently. Over Christmas we had family come down to stay; my Aunty Cheryl, Uncle Daryl and Cousin Jonathon. My Aunt and Uncle left but Jonathon is still here - so we’ve been busy … Continue reading That’s A Wrap!

Writing is the Easy Part

No matter how you go about getting your work published there are numerous steps involved, and it can definitely be tiresome. There’s a lot of work that goes into publishing a book; whether that be going the traditional print route or choosing the digital e-book path. I’ve just released my collection of short stories, and … Continue reading Writing is the Easy Part

Twist, and Musings, and Horrors! Oh, My!

“Never give up. No one knows what's going to happen next.” ― L. Frank Baum The Wizard of Oz isn’t a particularly long book but it is one of my absolute favourite stories. It was one of my greatest obsessions as a small child to watch the movie over and over again. You could probably … Continue reading Twist, and Musings, and Horrors! Oh, My!

Let Me Contain Your Entertainment

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of going to Brisbane to participate in an amazing event hosted by Brisbane Powerhouse. Containment is a zombie-themed, task-based adventure. The setting is a pharmaceutical company that has accidentally created a zombie virus which has infected staff members, so the facility has been put on lockdown. Groups get to … Continue reading Let Me Contain Your Entertainment

What we take for granted

In life as in business, there are always going to be things you take for granted, but they won’t necessarily always be there. A lot of the time the things we take for granted are in fact, people. Not things but actual human beings. When you’re moving full steam ahead, trying to grasp every opportunity … Continue reading What we take for granted

Belated Dog Birthday

So earlier this morning I was checking Molly’s vet papers to see when I need to book her next appointment. While looking it over I remember her birthday is on the forms. Lo and behold yesterday was her 6th birthday. Molly’s the first dog we’ve owned that we’ve had a record of’s birthday so I … Continue reading Belated Dog Birthday

The Wandering Writer Returned Home

Dear Readers, I'd like to start by thanking you all for following along with me in my travels, it has been an honour to have you reading my entries. Yesterday I finally reached home after departing the UK on Monday morning, and so as you can guess this will be the last post regarding my … Continue reading The Wandering Writer Returned Home