Saturday Word of the Day: Groggery

*Groggery: a slightly disreputable barroom There were few places that could be considered a romantic first meeting place, a groggery was not one of them. So it was no wonder Carol often lied and said she and Desmond had first met at the theater. -END-


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Just like the stories foretold

A/N: Tim's stuff Prompt: Just like the stories foretold Word Limit: 500 words It was all rather unnerving, nobody likes knowing their fate especially not when they are without a doubt certain that the fate they have been told cannot be correct. “Look again seer, that can’t be right.” Protested the young Princess Amariy, “It [...]

Saturday Word of the Day: Phillumenist

*Phillumenist: a collector of matchboxes He wasn't perfect, that was good to know. But perhaps his hobby was a bit out of control, Stacy couldn't help thinking as she looked at the wall frames filled with multicolored matchboxes. "I'm a phillumenist!" He had blurted out upon their five month anniversary, she'd almost had a heart [...]