Wednesday Prompt Smash: Receiving Transmission

A/N: In which I am heavily influenced by all the Star Trek I’ve been watching recently. Don’t forget to check out Tim’s work. Prompt: Receiving Transmission Word Limit: 200 words “Captain, we’re receiving a transmission.” “Patch it through, Lieutenant.” Who could be sending this transmission? Wondered the captain as they waited for the message to [...]


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Viewing Platform

A/N: If you have time check out Tim's work. Prompt: Viewing Platform Word Limit: 200 words High above the colony, raised far above it all, was the Intergalactic Alliance Headquarters. Its shadow fell across the settlement; older members of the colony would use it to tell the time. “Grandpa, c’mon we’re going to be late!” [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Activate The Emergency Beacon

Prompt: “Activate the emergency beacon” Word Limit: 200 words All was quiet on the bridge, warning lights blinked on and off. In the vacuum of space, the craft drifted, a gaping hole in the side. Most of the crew had been lost in the attack, the majority of what remained were asleep in cryo chambers. [...]

Saturday Word of the Day: Frondescence

*Frondescence: leafage; foliage “What strange frondescence, I’ve never seen so many colour hues before.” Miki remarked as they trekked through the jungle. “Do you think we could take some samples back to Maranea?” “No Miki, we’re not here for plant samples.” Commander grunted from the front of the line, Miki the ever curious botanist pouted… [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Alien mating ritual

A/N: Hope everyone enjoys this week's piece! Don't forget to check out Tim's work over at Flights of Fantasy. Prompt: Alien Mating Ritual Word Limit: 300 words “What have you discovered of the aliens, Dr Bhatna?” The commander step into place beside the good doctor to stare at the alien specimens, kept within a specially [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Times you can get lost in

A/N: Tim's work Prompt: Times you can get lost in Word Limit: 300 words Winifred Lockseer was the foremost temporal navigation expert at the Chronological Consortium (CC for short). She was quick witted, well balanced and highly knowledgeable of instance rips and the eras they led into. Manifred Wineheart was the exact opposite of Winifred [...]

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Exploring the New World

A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, hence me forgetting to post this yesterday (also was celebrating my mum’s birthday). Before the story I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (if you don’t celebrate Christmas). Season’s Greetings everyone, enjoy. Tim's work. Prompt: Exploring the New World Word Limit: 300 [...]